Can the Weather Affect Your Helicopter Tour in Sarasota FL?

can sarasota weather affect your helicopter tour

There’s nothing like seeing the beauty of Sarasota from a bird’s eye view. The striking blue waters and city skyline seem even more impressive from five hundred feet in the sky.

One thing to keep in mind is that Sarasota helicopter tours can be significantly impacted by weather, as well as the area’s seasonal changes and the time of day. It’s a good idea to consider the best time of year and day to book your helicopter tour, especially if your schedule allows a little flexibility.

Our helicopter tour company has years of experience showing people the best of Sarasota, and we know what kind of weather in Sarasota leads to the best possible in-air experience. Let us share a little of what we know.

Best Time of Year and Day for a Helicopter Tour

What Time of the Year Should You Book Your Helicopter Ride?

best time for helicopter tour in sarasota fl

Any time is a good time for flying, but some seasons offer lower risks of wind and rain than others. In Florida, we’re used to seasons that change pretty quickly and significantly.

Spring and summer tend to offer the best views and weather for helicopter rides in Sarasota. The wind picks up significantly in the winter months, especially when a cold front passes, which can lead to a choppier experience depending on the day.

However, you will want to be conscious of Florida’s thunderstorms which form during the summer. There’s always a possibility that you could be forced to reschedule your tour. Light rain may not impact visibility enough for an operator to cancel a tour, but your pilot will always err on the side of caution if the weather in Sarasota isn’t safe.

The popular spring and summer months are when most visitors schedule Sarasota helicopter tours. Therefore, if you’ll be visiting for spring break or your summer vacation, we highly recommend scheduling your tour at least a month or two in advance.

What Time of Day Gives You the Best Helicopter Experience?

sarasota helicopter tours aerial view

Different hours of the day have different advantages when it comes to flying. The early morning flights, from 6 AM to 9 AM, can often offer a smoother experience due to calmer winds.

helicopter tour in sarasota fl noon time shot

On the flip side, most of our visitors love the 1 PM to 3 PM slot the most, as it is ideal for beautiful aerial photography with overhead sunlight. But, of course, there are also evening sunset flights that provide a more intimate, romantic setting, especially for honeymooners and couples.

sarasota sunset aerial view

It all depends on what you want from your helicopter experience. If you’re unsure which time works best, speak with a helicopter pilot to learn the pros and cons of flying at different hours.

Schedule Your Thrilling Saratosa Helicopter Experience

book your sarasota helicopter tour today

At Sarasota Helicopter Tours, our pilot Mark has years of experience showing visitors the very best of the Sunshine State. We’re happy to help customize flights to ensure every person gets the exact kind of helicopter experience they’re seeking.

Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen. Our helicopter flights will include views of the entire coastline (featuring six different islands) and explore up to 25 miles inland, so you’ll always receive a wide range of views.

To book your tour or ask questions, contact us online or give us a call at 941-800-1515. We’re here to make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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