Frequently Asked Questions

Like any aircraft, it depends mostly on the wind conditions. Strong gusty winds are no fun unless a bumpy ride does not bother you. Trust the pilot to make a good decision on the conditions, and whether or not you'll be comfortable. If in doubt - talk to the pilot beforehand.

Absolutely! Just read the reviews. Sarasota Helicopter Tours lets you experience the beauty and elegance of the region in the most amazing way.

Children under two can sit on an adults lap for free.

Yes - Just try to do so as far in advance as possible.

Three passengers and the pilot.

Yes in most cases. However, we may be able to fly on short notice. Just call!

If the FAA determines Instrument Meteorlogical Conditions (IFR) are present at the scheduled time of your reservation, we cannot fly. Or, if the pilot decides it would be too uncomfortable, then he will cancel the flight and offer to reschedule or do a full refund.

No one passenger can exceed 280lbs. and the group total weight cannot exceed 580lbs.

Photos and videos are encouraged.

Use the restroom, tie-up long-hair if going doors off, stow any loose items under your seat in the aircraft.

Only that children under two sit on the lap of an adult.

Anytime is a great time for a helicopter ride

Yes - Night flights are amazing.

This is prohibited by the FAA.

Our Company carries Liability, Bodily Injury, and Medical Coverage.

Reserving Sarasota helicopter tours can allow you to add a unique and truly memorable experience to your travel itinerary. Whether you’re visiting the area on vacation or you were born and raised in the Sunshine State, our helicopter rides will provide you with a bird’s-eye view of some of the area’s most breathtaking sights. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, bucket-list activities, and all kinds of celebrations, our helicopter tours allow you to create special memories with the people you care about most.

There’s really no bad time to take helicopter tours. As long as the weather permits us to fly, we can take to the skies. We can even offer nighttime helicopter rides, which can be truly magical. To learn more about booking your trip or finding the best flight time for your schedule, contact us directly.

Helicopter rides do depend on weather conditions. Although light rain may not impact visibility enough to cancel a tour, we must adhere to FAA regulations. If Instrument Meteorological Conditions will impact reservations for helicopter tours or if the pilot feels its best to err on the side of caution, we will reschedule or refund your flight. 

Helicopter rides provide an unforgettable experience, but you’ll need to properly prepare to get the most out of your tour. Be sure to visit the restroom before you board the aircraft and tie back long hair or remove loose jewelry. It’s best not to wear hats or any other loose clothing for safety reasons. You’ll want to properly stow any loose items under your seat if you’re taking one of our doors-off helicopter tours. Be sure to bring your camera or cell phone to capture moments from the ride!